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Dark Frost (Mythos Academy)

Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep From the beginning, Gwen is thrown right into action fighting reapers. This sets the stage for most of the book. In between the action, friendships are tried, new discoveries made, surprises come, and Gwen's own inner strength is challenged. I can see how many could be drawn to Gwen, by not only her Kick-butt abilities, but by her feelings of inadequacy in her calling as Nike's Champion, as well as her relationship with her friends, especially Logan. Estep continued the flow of the characters in this book, keeping them real and consistent. Vic is still the blood-thristy sword, Daphne is still..Daphne, Carson is as sweet as ever and Oliver's got Gwen's back. Logan... well,.. he is still swoon-worthy. Even though I wish there was a little more Logan Quinn in this book, it still kept my inner-teen satisfied. The only downside is having to wait until 2013 to read the next one in the series! An ARC was provided by the publisher through NetGalley.