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More - T.M. Franklin Even though I wasn't blown away, It caught my attention enough I read it in almost one sitting. It begins with Ava, a college student, having a recurring nightmare of being chased by someone with 2 different color eyes. She soon meets a physics tutor, Caleb, who seems to be a little nerdy, but not... at the same time. The story was written in 3rd person so I did get a glimpse at what was going on, and who (as in what kind of paranormal) this is about. More was so creative, and out of the norm of what everyone else has been writing, it was nice to get caught up in a world that so closely resembled my own but with a lot MORE. I enjoyed getting to know the new world the author created, intense but not so complicated that I got a headache trying to keep up. Ava. I enjoyed her character, being feisty, smart, but yet not afraid to ask for help. Caleb was my favorite. Perfection of a man trying to be clumsy, bland and terrible at it. Being a protector and a physics tutor was the perfect cover for him, but he seemed to struggle trying to be the nerd he was supposed to be. I cracked up a few times at his ways he tried to seem to be a klutz. He seemed to be hiding something, which just made him mysterious and therefore more attractive. I look forward to reading the next book in the series!! Thank you to NetGalley and The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House for giving me the opportunity to read this e-book.