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Ink - Amanda Sun Bummer! I really tried to get into this book. The whole idea was intriguing and I so wanted to love this book. I looked forward to getting to know the Japanese culture, especially with kids and teens. I wanted to get into their heads and see how similar their pop culture measured to my childhood... But, I was just too confused. I just couldn't catch the flow of the book, the names (not easily pronounced)were hard to keep track and follow. I think if I had been to Japan and experienced the names, places and customs this book would have been perfect. You know the saying.. "had to be there"? Thats how I felt. Lost and missing something important... like missing the punch line, or storyline in this case. I'm sorry Amanda Sun, but I just couldn't keep up. I am sure you will have a great fan base of those who are into anime, or understand the language or culture. I wish I was one of them. (sad face)