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Sweet Mercy

Sweet Mercy - Ann Tatlock I haven't read many YA historical books. It was certainly different than everything paranormal I normally read. It was a great jump in genre for me, especially going back to a time I used to hear about from my Grandparents. Of course they weren't in the big cities where the gangsters ran ramp id, but it was a difficult time for our country. I realized this was a Christian book, but to the point where it didn't stand out completely. The main character, Eve, being seventeen and naive about life has to learn there is no place for self righteousness, especially during a time of great turmoil and loss. Where people we love and care for may not be who we thought they were or maybe certain times call for certain measures. This is a quick clean read with some action and even a little romance. Definitely something that teens and adults (like myself) can all enjoy.