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The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa I think I forgot how dark this series is because it took me quite a while to really get used to it, but by then end, I was completely into it! After I started reading, I remembered how Kagawa leaves out few details in her writing. Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) said this: "Is Julie Kagawa a vampire? Seriously, she writes Allie's character as if she herself has gone through the transition from human to vampire". I couldn't have put it better! I don't know how she does it, but THIS is what I would have imagined what being a vampire would be like... How I would feel if I woke up one day with a monster/demon inside me fighting to take over my humanity. Julie Kawaga took this book to a whole different place I thought it would lead. Jackal?! Really?? I couldn't decide if I hated him or loved him! I have to admit I loved his banter with his "little sister" comments. I was almost convinced Jackal had true sibling feelings toward Allison. Well..maybe I am a little convinced. "No problem, little sister." The leer returned, making him look normal again. "Comment number one--how much do you weigh to snap the bridge like that? I thought you Asians were supposed to be petite and dainty." Okay, moment over. I sheathed my blade and glared at him. "And here I almost thought you weren't a complete bastard." "Well, that's your mistake, not mine." So I thought the whole Allie/Zeke thing was over in the last book, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. Zeke is really one Bad-A human. My heart was going to burst just imagining myself in his shoes, but of course he totally ROCKED! And "vampire girl"? I had to keep reminding myself in my head she wasn't a 6'foot-giant-vamp-lady, but a tiny Asian girl. Kinda hard seeing her so small when she can kick-butt! For those looking for a romantic-sparkle-y-vamp-series, this is NOT one! These are real vampires(as real as you can get) with real blood who are crazy/evil... and are great if you like the darker books. Because of said evil and darkness, I would recommend this to older Young Adult/Teens.Thanks to NetGalley and HarlequinTeen for the book to review!