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The Bane

The Bane  - Keary Taylor From the first paragraph this book grabbed my attention and kept me drawn into its world. There was a lot of detail in building up this world filled with action and suspense. Unfortunately, I had a hard time believing in the love story at first, but it seemed to right itself later on.Eve's personality seemed so frigid at first, I had a hard time getting to know her or believe that a love story could even evolve. How could others love her when she was just so... blah. Of course things fell into place at the right time, discovering the reasons behind all of it, and I began to fall for Eve's character. Well played! The actions scenes were exciting and entertaining. Even though I am a woman who loves a good romance scene, I am one who gets just as worked up over some good action, fighting, and butt-kicking! This book had it all. The biggest flaw I could find was character-building. Eve's character was done ok, but I felt that the other main characters..West and Avian needed a little more help with defining who they were. Especially in a love triangle situation, having all the fine details of each one is important. Overall, I was completely entertained and was happy with a clean and fun read. I look forward to reading the next book in the Eden Series. Thanks to NetGalley and Keary Taylor for allowing me to read it.