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Blood on the Moon

Blood on the Moon - Jennifer Knight I didn't think I would want to read any more books about werewolves and vampires. But decided.. "What the Hey!" I had a credit on my audible account so I dove into it a little skeptically. Boy, I was surprised! Of course there were similarities from the big "T" book, but this took on its own bad self. I LOVED it. Maybe because I am a huge fan of the vamp/were-world, but for whatever reason, ME LIKEY!!! I like love triangles (am I a little messed up in the head or what?) But most of all I like big hulky weres (Lucas) and college football players (Derek). YUM! The feel of the book at the beginning was a little slow, but I enjoyed the flow and the background of college life in a small town. The character building was done beautifully. It didn't take long for me to feel connected to Faith, Derek, and eventually Lucas. There is just enough romance, not too much to take over the whole story, but it was good. As far as audiobooks go, this narrator was great. I really like someone who can give most of the characters their own "voice", especially when it comes to men. Something about audiobooks bring them to life a little more than just reading and this one did a great job! This was a cleaner book than other books I have read in this New Adult age. A few bad words and sexual situations were what I would consider PG-16.