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The Sweetest Dark

The Sweetest Dark - First of all, the cover is just beautiful! It caught my attention right off and I wanted to see what this book was about. When I read the summary, I knew I just had to read it. This is a whole new kind of Paranormal, so different than the typical vamp, werewolf, fairy, or angel stories out there. Not giving away too much, the creature featured is something I have had some interest in, but the way it is portrayed brings a whole new light to something so fiercely feared. The world Abe creates is alluring. I adored the time-period which it all took place. I haven't read anything post Victorian times, during World War One. Not only is this era brought to life, but also the landscapes of England, with the rocky shores, greenery, castles, and vibrant colors. There was so much detail at times, that I could almost smell the damp musty walls of the castle, feel the ocean mist on my face, and hear the beautiful music that called to Lora. “Those nights, in the sweetest dark, we shared our dreams.”I was not disappointed by the romance which was clean yet captured the passion. It was such a new twist on a love triangle, that I don't really know for sure,if it was one. Lora Jones. A girl with a past lost and couldn't remember, was put into an orphanage, where she had to survive until she was given a chance at a private school for girls. Knowing she wasn't like everyone else is quite a burden, but yet all this makes her a girl with strength and courage. Armand, was definitely my favorite character. A boy born into wealth, a snotty attitude and a troublemaker of sorts. His frank and boldness is what captures my heart. I was team Mandy from the beginning. But of course, Jesse... the mute, heartthrob groundskeeper at the school definitely gives Armand competition. Jesse is the kind considerate, loyal and loving man who would sacrifice it all for Lora. Abe's writing was magnificent. I was truly caught by her words and entranced in this world of beauty and history. I bawled at the end, but I am looking forward to reading book two. I would like to thank NetGalley for allowing me to read this Advanced Readers Copy.