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Wicked Kiss

Wicked Kiss - Michelle Rowen It is rare that I find a second book better than the first, but this sequel did just that. A lot of the things I felt were missing in Dark Kiss seemed to be recovered in Wicked Kiss. For one, I felt that the character development was lacking in Dark Kiss. This book seemed to reach back into the story, bring out the characters and put them under the spotlight. Rowen kept Samantha true to herself...Stubborn! I loved learning about Kraven and Bishops past, digging into Steven's head, and how they all were brought together in the end. There were so many different directions this book seemed to take, and sometimes confused me. There were many twists and turns that threw me off, but a few were very predictable. Some points seemed to be repetitive... I got it, Sam was a REALIST. But the one problem I had the most was the ending. Everyone trying to be the hero, the martyr, the selfless one. I think I literally rolled my eyes at this. But all in all, I can say I was left feeling good. A great ending.This series had a great plot, clean and entertaining. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read and review the ARC.