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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - I read this book via ebook last summer and enjoyed it. I had the chance to listen to the audio format and felt I had to add another star. I fell in love with this book even more. As I have stated before.. I am a HUGE SUCKER for bad-boys, especially ones with good intentions and Kaiden is that and a bag of chips! Who could possibly pass up a mouth-drooling Nephilim bad boy with an English accent? Not me! Anna. I loved her even though she seemed to come off a little "preachy" at times, but she was sincere in her intentions. A lot of other YA Heroines come off a little bratty, but Anna truly seems genuine in her heart. Sure she a few pout-y moments, but most girls do at age 15. Her best friend Jay is pretty awesome. He keeps to the guy friend agenda and doesn't seem to have the I'm secretly in love with you going on. Oh Kopano.. The large, mysterious, quiet, do-good-er. Sadly he was a little scarce in the book, but when he was there he was known. I enjoy a man who knows what he wants, doesn't play games and goes after it. Higgins does a great job building characters, especially the secondary ones. I had no problem getting drawn into them almost as much as Anna and Kaiden. The next book cannot come soon enough! To catch a little more Kaiden be sure to read the extra chapters with his POV on Wendy Higgins website. There is also a little teaser to Sweet Peril. http://www.wendyhigginswrites.com/