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Shatter Me

Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi, Kate Simses I tried to resist reading this book for a long time. I just couldn't imagine how a book about someone having a "deadly touch" could be any good or interest me in anyway. When I saw it on audible, I decided to try listening to it. At first I didn't understand the sound of scratching after some of the things Juliette would say. Then I realized the way this book was written was do different than any other I had ever read. It was as though Juliette was crossing out thoughts she didn't want to acknowledge, as if she were writing in a journal. It all made sense after I got the hang of it. The writing was.... unlike anything I have read before. Almost like poetry, thought provoking, thoroughly mind-blowing. I had no problem sinking my teeth into this one and by the time it ended, I wanted more! This book is definitely one of my favorites this year! It has been a while since I have read it, but I can honestly say It will be one I will read over and over again. The characters really stand out. Juliette's been given such a raw deal in her life, but she has chosen not hate all those who have pushed her away and treated her horribly, even her parents. Instead she only wants to be normal, have friends and help people. I especially liked Warner... yes, I liked the psychotic "bad guy" whose idea of love and devotion are a bit construed. But!... I have a feeling we are going to be surprised in the next book of what Warner will do for Juliette. For some reason, I have been a sucker for the villain in plots like this. Maybe my heart really wants to help them? I don't know, but Warner has had a horrible life and I can't blame him completely for how he is. I will be desperately waiting on book #2!! I rate it a PG17. There was some innuendo, and also a scene where sex was interrupted, but nothing graphic.