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Covet - Melissa Darnell Covet took off right where Crave ended. That scored high for me, I love that because I don't feel like I have lost any part of the story, and it drives me nuts starting all over again, trying to figure out where I am. Savannah grew up quickly. She took responsibility for her reckless behavior and tried to keep away from Tristan for his own safety. Tristan was obsessed with finding a way they could be together. They both fought through jealousies and anger that they couldn't change who they were and were forced to stay away. I felt the first part of this book was a little slow, dragging out the whole "I can't have you's" and how it tortured both of them. But by the time the second half rolled in, it really picked up, secrets were revealed with action and fighting. I was lost and couldn't pull myself away and ended up staying up way late saying.. one more chapter. More characters were introduced, nothing too confusing, and added that much more to the plot. The characters really developed in this book, growing more and more interest. If you still like a good vampire book, this is for you.