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Soulbound (The Legacy of Tril Series #1)

Soulbound - Heather Brewer This book was KICK-BUTT! It had me at the Cover and never let me down after that. I am a sucker for a book with lots of action, romance and a few hot guys! My only problem with it was that it wasn't long enough! I felt it was a little lacking with details of Trayton (awesome name b.t.w.)and Kaya's more intimate moments. I didn't feel like they had bonded like the story indicated. So now I really don't know if I am on Traytons team or not. He sounds gorgeous, strong, protective, and a great guy, but not sure I am feeling the love. The book didn't lack action. I felt like I was right in the middle of the fighting, wanting to grab my own Katara and join the battle. Graplers, nasty human-hunting creaters, gave me the willies.Loved the story!!! As far as the writing goes, I felt I needed a few more details of her world... i.e. Her appearance, modern technology? (one place indicated no running faucet, and later had electricity) I know they seem just little minute things, but I am a stickler for details. I like to have a complete visual to my world when I am diving into a new book.Even thought I thought the writing could have been a little more, I gave it 5 stars anyway because the story-line was so awesome! It was a clean book, but used fake words that sounded similar to bad language. Because of that I would suggest it be a book intended for mid-teens on up.