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The Selection

The Selection - How could you NOT fall in love with this cover? I was drawn to it immediately. Gorgeous dress, the crown..... and then I read the summary! I was a sucker for the first Bachelor reality series, but then thought it was sorta lame. But this, this is a chance to be a real Princess! I was a goner. The little girl in me couldn't resist it. This storyline was so clever! Almost a Cinderella, rags to riches story with a dystopian-type background. I say ALMOST Cinderella because America Singer (really didn't care for the name, by the way) didn't want to be a part of all this, didn't want the Prince, the attention, and all that came with it... well, at first. Prince Maxon (sawooon!) Really was all that AND a bag of chips in my opinion. He was very direct and to the point, not playing games. He was the only one who out of all the characters seems to be truly trustworthy. America, on the other hand, seemed like the typical teenage girl...a little whiny, dramatic, and taking huge risks. I did love the way she was herself, very indifferent with the competition, and didn't kiss up to the Prince. Aspen on the other hand... never really liked him even from the beginning, seemed to be too male chauvinistic for my liking. The only thing that was really missing from this book, was more detail on the rebel attacks. Maybe Cass is waiting for the next book to throw all that in, but I wished there had been more of a hint to each rebel group. Bring on book number two! I am ready for more Maxon BTW..LOVED his name! A clean and fun book, if I had a teen daughter I would let her read it.