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The Calling (Darkness Rising Series #2)

The Calling - Kelley Armstrong Not even skipping a beat, this book took off running from the moment the last one ended, never slowing down! After Maya and her friends end up in a helicopter running from the fire and strange people posing as help and rescue, they realize they are not going where they are supposed to. A Struggle in the cockpit ends up in a crash where the kids end up on their own, running, trying to figure out who they can trust. The group, who have known each other almost all their lives, realize they all are not who they thought they were... and some may have dark secrets. It's difficult not to share more.... and there is a lot I want to say about this, but it will give away too much! There is one thing I do have to say to Maya... Hello??? Are you stupid?? Daniel!!! There are so many twists and turns, action and adventure, it's more than enough to keep you from sleeping until you have read the entire thing. I really enjoy Kelley Armstrong's writing, not just in this series but others as well. It's all pretty clean, with some romance and lots of action.