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Everneath - It seems as though I have been reading more and more books that go into Greek Mythology, but this one is quite different. Brodi Ashton creates a whole new world that exists just under our own, where time is different, and the Everliving feed. She also did a great job with the characters, focusing on their teenage emotions that drastically change from one moment to the next. I thought it was brilliant how she brought that as the focus of what the everliving need to survive. Nikki's character does what she thinks will take her pain away not fully understanding the consequences of her decision, letting Cole take her with him. I liked Cole. Maybe I am one who likes the bad boys, but Cole makes it clear that he may have a heart after all. Then there is Jack... Whatta man! Not many boys would do what he did for his best friend and love. It was a heartbreaking book. Ashton writes in the present and past, which sometimes confused me, but made it even sadder. I would have loved something in it that gave me more hope than it did, at least a smidge more. I expect the next book is a little more hopeful in the "no way out" scenario.