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Airel (The Airel Saga, #1)

Airel (The Airel Saga, #1) - Aaron Patterson,  Chris  White The way this book was written threw me. At first, switching from the present to the past was confusing and distracting. As I continued on and began to fit the pieces together I was on edge, wondering who was the bad guy and who wasn't. I have read other reviews of this book, some mentioned there was a missing piece to the romance with Michael, and it didn't make sense. To me, I feel like this may have been on purpose. I am hoping in the next book we are able to see the real Michael as we did toward the end of this one. I feel like a lot more will make sense. I took to Airel's character, wanting to have a friend like her around. It did seem like no matter what happened, she was crying over something. She did redeem herself by facing and accepting who she was and what she had to do. Kreios, was a terrifying character with the teddy-bear heart. I felt for him from the beginning. He had quite a tender heart, but a calloused personality. Overall I felt like this was a good read, good characters, and good writing.