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Legacy - Cayla Kluver Alora who was quite stubborn, full of wit and spunk, fought against authority and her duty, like most 17-yr-olds. Once she decided she didn't like Steldor, that was it... nothing was going to change her mind. The only problem I had with the whole thing, was the lack of Narian's personality. Most of the time Alora spent with him he was vague, quiet, and not enough focus was on him long enough to establish a true bond... In my opinion. Even though Steldor really was an egotistical, selfish brute, I liked him. The way he and Alora bantered back and forth was fantastic! They were perfect for each other! Narian?... hmmmm, not so sure. All the secondary characters had such detailed pasts. Every one of them had some kind of influence in the direction of the tale. The politics, war strategies, traditions, dress styles, social and economical details were not lacking. Brought all together it was formed into a wonderful tale which could almost be believable. I was awed that someone so young could write something with this kind of vocabulary and style. Even though I read book #2 first, I fell right back into the characters. Hats off to Cayla Kluver, her beautiful writing and creating a world that any teen would love to live in.... Yes, even adults! I know I would!