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Obsidian (Lux, #1)

Obsidian (Lux, #1) - Jennifer L. Armentrout This was a book that my kindle suggested, I can't remember if it was free or a really good price, but I definitely got a great deal! At first, the word "alien" threw me off. YUCK-O! My first thought of an alien was a sticky, fat-round-headed, E.T.-looking thing! Then I thought.. What the heck, might as well dive into new territory and WOW! Was I wrong! I have to admit that I am usually immediately turned off by guys who are crude and arrogant. But somehow, the author seems to get Daemon into my heart. Daemon is so frustrating! So unpredictable! But then there is a side to him that shows his true feelings. The bad boy image does crack here and there. Katy, such a sweet girl and a complete book-blog nerd, moves with her Mother after her father dies. Deciding that she is going to make the most of their move, finds out pretty quickly that people in the area are not normal. Especially after meeting Daemon, her neighbor, she never knew that anyone could be so cruel. Daemon sister, blackmails him into making peace with Katy, completely baffling Katy he seems kind and sincere, but then switches in to jerk-mode again. By accident, Katy learns their true identity which puts her into danger and the only way to keep safe is by staying close to the unpredictable Daemon. Then the heat turns on! WOW...(ok, I said that already) but there is a definite heat and connection. May need to get a fan out while reading this book! But of course Daemon seems to say something ignorant to cool things down real fast. UGH! Even though I really enjoyed this book, not sure I would approve of my kids under the age of 18 read this. There is some language and the "heat" I was referring to, gets pretty steamy as well as the sexual innuendo.