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Moonlight (Dark Guardian Series #1)

Moonlight (Dark Guardian, Book 1) - Rachel Hawthorne Kayla Madison, a teenager just turning 17, decides to spend the summer as a hiking guide with a friend she made last summer while she and her adopted parents go back to the woods where Kayla's birth parents were killed when she was a child. Among the other sherpa guides is the dark, quiet and intense Lucas Wilde. Kayla pushes away deep feelings that Lucas brings out in her, and soon learns she carries a gene that will change her life forever. Lucas is a key to all this.I was drawn into this book quickly. It isn't as detailed or deep as other books get, but it was quite entertaining and the characters were quite believable. The kids were just regular teens who went off to a summer job, the only difference was they were able to shift. I really liked Kayla as her character was very caring but also brave enough to take risks even if she ended up looking a little foolish. The intensity of Lucas's personality was very intimidating at first, but soon I could see his hard persona soften, as he took his role as Kayla's protector seriously. I was able to finish this book quickly but not lacking in anyway. Of course I look forward to more of this series.