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Fateful (Fateful, #1)

Fateful (Fateful, #1) - Cheri Schmidt Seems like Twilight only backwards to me. Sure there is the immediate connection between Ethan and Danielle, but I like the twist in this story line. Instead of "insta-love" there is the recognition of a former life together... No, not a re-incarnation thing. It kinda goes along with what I think is believable and some of us can relate to. Of course there is the... I-love-you-but-dont-want-to-kill-you-type of love, which I hope none of us can relate to. Danielle moves to England to attend college while living with her Uncle, Aunt and cousin. She is a huge Pride and Prejudice fan and fantazises about finding her own Mr. Darcy. Just days after arriving, she is chased by someone at night and literally bumps into Ethan who saves her but when she looks into his eyes she recognizes his soul. While she finds lots of romance from Ethan, she learns that he is not the Mr. Darcy she thinks he is. When darkness falls, he becomes darkened with a course, a vampire curse. Danielle's personality is quite cute. She is a frilly girl who loves to wear white, lace and skirts but is still quite learned in the martial arts. She can take out any man... well, as long as he is mortal anyway. Ethan is handsome, charming, British, and of course very old-fashioned because of his age. It seems he has his persuasive vampire charms on Danielle even in daylight which only happnes to her. Ethan is obessed with protecting her from the bad vampire, Lucas, who is stalking her. I am impressed with books that are full of romance, action, danger, but very clean.. It even has high morals and values encouraged.