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I read a book... write a review... give my opinion. I am a huge YA fan, but dip into the occasional New Adult if it isn't too explicit.

Eve (Eve, #1) - Anna Carey,  Tavia Gilbert Eve is an orphan. After a nasty plague takes over the country, many orphaned children were put into academies. Eve and her friends were brought up without men and were taught to fear them. After she figures out what is to happen to her after her graduation from the Academy, she runs away. Running for her life, she learns how different her world is than what she was brought up to believe. AFter meeting Caleb, a boy who is living in the wild, she learns not all men are savages. He promises to help her find shelter even with soldiers chasing her, putting his life in danger for her. Watching Eve's dreams and naivity crushed was depressing and heartbreaking. After meeting Caleb, Eve began to have more hope for the future. I thought it was too depressing for my taste, but the story had me captivated wondering where it would go next. I will read the second book because I am caught up in Eve and Calebs story.