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Tiger's Curse (Tiger's Curse (Hardcover))

Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck WoW! How could I not fall in love with Ren, first as a Tiger then as an ancient Prince? Makes me want to go buy a huge white Tiger to snuggle with, of course I mean a stuffed toy. Kelsey, age 18, takes a temporary job working for a circus which is in town for a couple of weeks. One of her jobs is to help feed the white tiger, Ren. It soon leads to a bond between them. When a man from India comes to rescue the tiger, he offers Kelsey the chance to help transport Ren back to India. After arriving in India, Kelsey learns that her tiger is an ancient prince who is under a curse and she is the only one who can help break it. She and her tiger go through many adventures that Indiana Jones would appreciate. Romance blossoms, and Kelsey has to make some difficult decisions.The story seemed to move slowly, but that's because there was so much history, customs and beliefs that needed to be included to support the plot. I loved learning more about India. I also appreciated the amount of time given to the tiger, his temperaments, his appearance and his movements.Kelsey did drive me nuts sometimes with her constant questions she bombarded everyone she came in contact with. Wore me out! I wanted to smack her because of some pretty stupid decisions, but that's what made it so great. Ren and even Kishan (Ren's brother/tiger) made up for it. I would recomend this book. A very clean, romantic adventure!